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Center for Investigation & NY Forensic Polygraph, LLC (CIFP) provides polygraph exams, (a.k.a. lie detector tests or lie detection test) in the following sectors:


Law enforcement- Pre-Screening Polygraph, Specific (Ciminal, Sex Offenses, Domestic Violence)

Lawyers, Court- Civil & Criminal Cases

Corporate or businesses world- Theft, Partner Honesty, Specific Loss, Monitoring Polygraphs

Clinical settings- Drug Use, Sex Offenses, Sex Addictitions, Domestic Violence, Use of Porn

Sports events- Game Honesty

Private sector- Suspicion of Infidelity, Sexual Behaviors, Sexual Contact, Paraphillias


We use the latest state of the art testing equipment, computerized and portable; therefore, testing can be performed at our offices or at your location. 

Testing are performed by Ms. Marcella Perez, M.A. founder of CIFP, who has a Master's Degree in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of the Criminal Justice System  of the City University of New York and has become an Expert Certified Forensic Psychophysiologist, Polygraph Examiner or Polygraphist under the tutelage of the Internationally recognized expert Nathan J. Gordon, director of the Academy for Scientific Investigative Training an accredited Top Polygraph School in the United States; which is certified through the American Polygraph Association, the American Association of Police Polygraphists and the International Society of Polygraph Examiners.

Ms. Perez, is highly trained, qualified and certified to better serve you in all your polygraph, lie detector needs with integrity, professionalism and accurate results, a combination that cannot be beat.


CIFP is bonded, insured and is a registered New York State Corporation. All polygraph examinations, with the exception of Post Conviction Sex Offenders cases, are 100% confidential.


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