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Many times infidelity goes undetected; and the best way to determine if your significant other is being unfaithful or withholding information is through a polygraph exam. Also, a lie detector test can be used to verify if your significant other or a loved one has drug, alcohol, sexual addictions or gambling habits. Polygraph exams are extremely useful when it comes to investigate if your significant other is hiding money or other valuable goods from you. Also, we can find out the truth about whether or not a family member has committed a sex offense or sexually abused another person, like a minor or another adult.

These types of polygraph examinations or lie detector tests are 100% confidential.  

All Types of Personal Matters
All Types of Sex Offenses: Sexual Harassment, Soliciting Prostitution, Viewing Pornography, Child Pornography, etc…
Domestic Violence, Child Neglection
Gambling Issues
Illicit Drug Usage
Relationship or Marital Testing/Suspicion of Infidelity/ Same Sex Sexual Contact, etc… 

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