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Many states rely on mental health programs for the treatment and monitoring of sex offenders during their parole or probation periods. Many of these treatment programs require the administration of initial and periodic polygraph exams for the purpose of verifying treatment compliance, parole or probation violations, and recidivism.

Standards for Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT) have been established by the American Polygraph Association (APA) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), which require the examiner to undergo special additional training and certification to provide this type of testing. We are certified through the American Polygraph Association to conduct Post-Conviction Testing. Ms, Marella Perez holds 8 certifications on Sex Offenses & Domestic Violence, 7 of them are Advanced Certifications. This type of certification allows us to provide examinations in the sexual realm, such as Sexual Harassment, Soliciting Prostitution, Viewing Child Pornography, Sexual Touching/Molestation with professionalism, high quality and accuracy with reliable results.  

Polygraph examinations, with the exception of Post-Conviction cases, are 100% confidential. The results of Post-Conviction Cases are shared with the Probation/Parole officer and/or Therapist in charge.   

Types of Clinical Exams

Instant Offense - used to determine whether the original accusation was in fact committed by the subject. Denial or rationalization of the crime in question, if actually committed, delays appropriate treatment from being provided.

Prior Allegation - used to investigate prior alleged sexual offenses to a current victim.  

Sexual History I & II - used to verify if the subject or suspect has withheld important information about his/her sexual past such as having additional victims, type of victims (Type I) or type of sexual deviances, also known as paraphiliacs that the person has not disclosed previously (Type II).  

Maintenance Testing - is used to determine whether the subject has been in contact with a previous victim, or is "grooming" anyone as a new potential victim. It deals with any issue related to violation of parole, probation or therapy issues of specific interest to the psychologist or parole/probation officer.  

Monitoring Testing - used to ensure that the subject has not committed additional sexual offenses while in the program/ probation or parole. Also used as a followed up when the subject has failed a Maintenance exam.  

Ms. Marcella Perez, M.A. has been certified 8 times on Post-Conviction Testing; with 7 (seven) Advanced Certifications in this field. In addition, Ms. Perez has a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology and did her internship with Domestic Violence Aggressors & Sex Offenders.  


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