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We offer affordable and guaranteed polygraph exams, lie detection or lie detector tests for a variety of purposes to a wide range of professional and private clients throughout the Tri State Area, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut. We travel Nationwide & Overseas in the following sectors:
Law enforcement- Employment Screening, Post-Conviction Sex Offenders, Domestic Violence)
Lawyers, Court- Pre & Post Sentence Polygraph, Immigration Cases, Civil & Criminal Cases
Corporate or businesses world- Theft, Partner Honesty, Specific Loss, Monitoring Polygraphs
Clinical settings- All type of addictions, Drug Use, Porn, Gambling, Sex Offenses, Domestic Violence
Sports events- Game Honesty, Professional Sporting Events
Private sector- Suspicion of Infidelity, Addictions, Immigration Cases, Sex Offenses, Child Neglection, etc.  

We use the latest state of the art testing equipment, computerized and portable; therefore, testing can be performed at our offices (preferably) or at your location.  

• Professional Sporting Events/Integrity Testing
• Employment and Pre-Employment Examinations (Compliance with EPPA regulations)
• Specific Business Loss Testing (Employment exam Compliance with EPPA regulations)
• All Types of Criminal Issues
• All Types of Civil Issues
• Post Conviction Sexual Offender Testing (Probation & Parole) and/or Clinical polygraphs
• All Types of Sex Addictions or Offenses: Sexual Harassment/Soliciting, Prostitution, Viewing Pornography/Child Pornography, etc…
• Domestic Violence
• Gambling Issues
• Illicit Drug Usage
• Relationship or Marital Testing/Suspicion of Infidelity/Same Sex Sexual Contact, etc
• Truth Verification
NY Forensic Polygraph, LLC is bonded, insured and is a registered New York State Corporation. All polygraph examinations, with the exception of Post-Conviction (Sex Offenders & Domestic Violence) cases, are 100% confidential.  

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If you have any questions regarding our services, please contact us by calling (917) 854-1010 or by completing this form. We look forward to assisting you in your polygraph needs.